Welcome to the ever-expecting domain of Apextar. Apextar is Delhi based group and founded by a group of highly competent and experienced professionals. Apextar is a consortium of companies that are leaders in providing business consulting, Shipping and Freight Forwarding, Worldwide International Transportation, Electronics, Healthcare, Life-care and Food & Feed Supplements and Agriculture.

Deliver your goods ON TIME EVERY TIME safely through APEXTAR SHIPPING, one of the best logistics companies in Delhi NCR.
Nowadays, the need of transporting goods from one place to another have increased tremendously. Whether it's delivering consignments on time or shifting all your stuff from one place to another, everyone is looking for a good logistics companies in Delhi as they have remarkably blended technology along with their services to give you an amazing transporting experience.
APEXTAR is the leading logistics companies in Delhi NCR, which provides an efficient and reliable cargo service. At APEXTAR, we understand how important it can be for you to reach your goods and merchandise safe and sound. We provide you with a comprehensive range of fast, efficient & express transport and logistics services throughout the country among all cargo companies in Delhi. We at APEXTAR, provide you with fully comprehensive packages, with easy and transparent processes. We aspire to keep our transit time as good as possible among all the cargo companies in Delhi. We ensure the safety and security of your shipments by providing you with the containers that are tested to withstand extreme weather conditions, are 100% leak proof, and GPS-enabled cargo. Transfer your goods within Delhi NCR or to other cities around India, we will give you the best package at the best price among all logistics companies in Delhi.
We have special tie- ups with airports and railway stations in Delhi NCR so that you don't have to worry regarding their delivery. You have the flexibility to choose the mode of transportation for your delivery. Being the best cargo companies in Delhi, We are always happy to help you and provide you with the best solutions.
We at APEXTAR follow the highest standard of business ethics. We guide you throughout the process and are transparent regarding our processes. We also share the detailed tracking of your consignments with you. Cargo companies in Delhi also provide great packaging and warehousing solutions as well.
Through our vast network and specialized service, APEXTAR have always been the best logistics companies in Delhi NCR.

On Time delivery guaranteed
Fastest and safest way to deliver you shipments, anywhere across the country
Associations with all airlines to make the process easy
Regardless of the size of your shipment, we provide you with the best possible logistics solutions
Door to door pickup and delivery of your shipments
Highly efficient team to take care of your shipments and your queries
Cost effective solutions

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