Container Sizes

Container Sizes

Demystifying Container Sizes for Efficient Shipping - A Complete Guide by Apextar Shipping


Welcome to Apextar Shipping, where we simplify logistics, starting with understanding container sizes. As a key player in the global shipping industry, we recognize the importance of choosing the right container size for your cargo. Let's explore the container sizes available and how Apextar Shipping can optimize your shipping experience.


20' Standard Container:
Apextar's 20' Standard Container is a versatile choice for various cargo types. Ideal for small to medium-sized shipments, it ensures secure and efficient transportation. With standardized dimensions and reliability, it offers a cost-effective solution for businesses seeking streamlined logistics for their goods.


40' Standard Container:
Apextar's 40' Standard Container is a versatile choice for various cargo types. With ample space and a secure design, it accommodates general shipments efficiently. Sturdy and reliable, it's a standard yet efficient solution for transporting goods globally, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination securely and on schedule.


40' Standard High Cube Container:
Apextar's 40' Standard High Cube Container offers extra height for voluminous cargo. Versatile and secure, it accommodates diverse shipments, providing maximum cubic capacity. Ideal for businesses with larger loads, this container ensures efficient and safe transportation, meeting the demands of various industries.


20' Hardtop Container:
Apextar's 20' Hardtop Container ensures secure and efficient shipping for valuable or sensitive cargo. With a solid and secure roof, it provides protection from external elements. Ideal for safeguarding goods during transit, this container combines reliability, security, and space optimization for a diverse range of shipments.


40' Hardtop Container:
Apextar's 40' Hardtop Container ensures secure transportation for valuable or sensitive cargo. With a solid and secure roof, it provides protection from external elements. Ideal for safeguarding goods during transit, this container offers reliability, security, and ample space, making it suitable for various types of shipments.


40' Hardtop High Cube Container:
Apextar's 40' Hardtop High Cube Container combines ample space with enhanced security for sensitive cargo. Featuring a solid and secure roof, it shields goods from external elements. Ideal for valuable shipments requiring extra height, it ensures reliable and protected transportation for diverse cargo types.


20' Open-Top Container:
Apextar's 20' Open-Top Container is a versatile solution for oversized cargo. With a removable top, it allows easy loading and unloading of goods exceeding standard container heights. Ideal for shipping machinery, equipment, and bulky items, this container offers flexibility and efficient transportation for various cargo types.


40' Open-Top Container:
Apextar's 40' Open-Top Container is designed for convenient transportation of oversized cargo. Featuring a removable top, it facilitates easy loading and unloading for items exceeding standard container heights. Versatile and secure, this container ensures efficient shipping for machinery, equipment, and other large or bulky goods.


20' Flat Rack Container (20ft):
Apextar's 20' Flat Rack Container is perfect for transporting oversized or awkwardly shaped cargo. With collapsible sides, it allows for easy loading and unloading. Secure and versatile, it's the ideal choice for shipping unique items, optimizing space and ensuring safe transportation for your goods.


40' Flat Rack Container (40ft):
Designed for large or unconventional cargo, Apextar's 40' Flat Rack Container facilitates easy loading and unloading. With collapsible sides, it accommodates oversized items, machinery, and more. Sturdy and versatile, this container ensures secure transportation, making it an ideal choice for specialized shipments.


40' Flat Rack High Cube Container:
Apextar's 40' Flat Rack High Cube Container combines the versatility of a flat rack with added height. Ideal for oversized cargo, its collapsible sides offer easy loading/unloading, ensuring secure transportation for large machinery or irregularly shaped items. A reliable choice for specialized shipments requiring extra vertical space.


20' Platform Container (20ft):
Apextar's 20' Platform Container is a robust and versatile solution for transporting heavy or unconventional cargo. With a flatbed design, it accommodates oversized goods, machinery, and equipment securely. Trust in Apextar's expertise for efficient and reliable shipping tailored to your unique cargo requirements.


40' Platform Container:
Apextar's 40' Platform Container is a versatile solution for transporting heavy and oversized cargo. With a flat, solid base, it accommodates machinery, equipment, and large goods. Secure loading and unloading are facilitated, making it an ideal choice for various industrial and specialized shipments.


20' Ventilated Container:
Apextar's 20' Ventilated Container ensures optimal airflow for cargo that requires ventilation during transit. Ideal for goods sensitive to temperature and humidity, this container maintains product quality. Combining security and ventilation, it's a reliable choice for transporting perishable items and sensitive materials.


20' Refrigerated Container:
Apextar's 20' Refrigerated Container provides precise temperature control, making it an ideal solution for transporting perishable goods. With advanced refrigeration technology, it ensures goods reach their destination in optimal condition. Reliable, secure, and efficient, it meets the stringent requirements of temperature-sensitive cargo.


40' Refrigerated Container:
Apextar's 40' Refrigerated Container is equipped for temperature-sensitive cargo. Offering precise temperature control, it ensures the integrity of perishable goods during transit. With advanced refrigeration technology, this container guarantees optimal conditions for items requiring a specific temperature range, preserving quality from origin to destination.


40' Refrigerated High Cube Container:
Apextar's 40' Refrigerated High Cube Container provides maximum space and temperature-controlled storage. Ideal for perishable goods, it maintains a consistent temperature to ensure cargo reaches its destination in optimal condition. With added height, it accommodates larger loads, making it an efficient choice for diverse shipments.


20' Insulated Container:
Apextar's 20' Insulated Container is designed for cargo requiring temperature control. It provides a reliable solution for transporting goods sensitive to heat or cold. With insulation properties, it safeguards cargo integrity, making it an ideal choice for industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and perishables.


40' Insulated Container:
Apextar's 40' Insulated Container is designed for cargo that requires temperature control. Its insulated walls maintain consistent temperatures, making it ideal for transporting goods sensitive to heat or cold. With security and thermal efficiency, it's a reliable choice for preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive shipments.


20' Tank Container:
Apextar's 20' Tank Container is a specialized solution for transporting liquid cargo. With a robust design and safety features, it ensures secure transit for chemicals, liquids, and hazardous materials. Engineered for efficiency and safety, it meets international standards, making it a trusted choice for liquid cargo shipments.

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